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In order to ensure a pleasant stay we present rules and regulations concerning booking of StarApart Apartments. Making a reservation is tantamount to knowing and accepting the rules.

  1. Reservation
  2. Payment terms
  3. Cancelation of the booking
  4. Renting Conditions
  5. StarApart Responsibility
  6. Personal Data

I Reservation

  1. In order to book an accommodation the Guest completes and sends a Booking Form or call the number 0048 500 204 405.
  2. Once a Guest accepts the booking conditions StarApart sends and e­mail with Pre­Booking Confirmation.
  3. Guest makes a an advance payment, called the Booking Fee, for the reservation to StarApart bank account; or provide credit card information agreeing to charge the amount of the advance payment.
  4. Booking is effective upon crediting the StarApart bank account or charging the credit card with the Booking Fee.
  5. StarApart sends the Final Booking Confirmation to the given e­mail, no later than within 48 hours of receipt of the Booking Fee to the StarApart bank account or after the successful sale transaction on a credit card.

II Payment terms

  1. In the case of payment by bank transfer Guest makes the advance payment of the Booking Fee to the account specified in the Pre­-Booking Confirmation stating in the title of payment name of the Apartment and the period of stay, so that the StarApart can receive the payment by the date indicated in the Pre­-Booking Confirmation.
  2. In case of a credit card advance payment Guest passes StarApart credit card information over the phone. Guest is obliged to provide data by the date indicated in the Pre-­Booking Confirmation.
  3. Booking is not valid if StarApart receives the advance payment on the bank account after the date indicated in the Pre­Booking Confirmation unless StarApart decides to keep the booking valid and sends a Final Booking Confirmation.
  4. The remaining cost of booking is due to pay as follows:
    • In PLN cash or credit card at the check in
    • By bank transfer to StarApart account making sure the payment is received one day before check in
  5. Costs of bank transfers lays on the Guest side.
  6. In any case, all remaining cost have to be paid before handing over the keys to the Apartment.

III Cancelation of the booking

  1. If canceled or modified Reservation, Guest is obliged to send a written cancellation via e-­mail.
  2. StarApart is authorized to charge the Guest the following fees:
    • 100% Booking Fee if cancellation is made sooner than 7 days before arrivalThe above rule does not apply if the parties have agreed otherwise in the Pre­Booking Confirmation or in a binding contract.
  3. If canceled or modified up to 7 days before arrival, StarApart will no charge any fees. Already paid Booking Fee is refunded in the same way in which it was made (by bank transfer or refund to the same credit card).
  4. Any costs of the refund (eg. an international transfer fee, commission for card transaction) lays on the Guest side.
  5. If canceled or modified sooner than 7 days before arrival StarApart is entitled to keep already paid Bookin Fee. The Booking Fee is not refunded or transferred against other bookings.

IV Renting Conditions

  1. Keys shall be received on site indicated in the Booking Confirmation at previously arranged time.
  2. Check-­in begins at 14:00 on the arrival date and check­out at 12:00 on the day of departure.
  3. If it is impossible to arrive at the previously agreed time, the Guest is obliged to immediately call StarApart.
  4. Upon receiving the keys to the Apartment, the Guest shall show his/her identity card and address.
  5. The Guest shall return the keys to the Apartment on the last day of the Apartment rental term by 12.00 a.m. on site a place indicated by StarApart during check in.
  6. The Guest is obliged to notify StarApart immediately of any events that may expose StarApart to any risk of damage. The Guest is obliged to pay special attention to correct operation of water and gas valves as well as electric devices. Due to the fire protection and health and safety rules, the Guest is not allowed to use any electric energy supplied devices other than the Apartment’s equipment and except for computers, shavers, hair dryers.
  7. The Guest may use the Apartment only for residential purposes and cannot sub­lease it without StarApart approval.
  8. In case of shortage of stay in the Apartment amounts already paid will not be refunded.
  9. The Guest is financially responsible for any damage made to the Apartment’s equipment and the Apartment itself. The Guest is obliged to notify StarApart immediately of any damage made. The Guest undertakes to pay for the damage made by the last day of using the Apartment at the latest.
  10. In the case of lost keys or parking remote or card the Guest is obliged to pay a fee in the amount of 400 PLN for each set of lost keys and remote or card for the garage.
  11. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the Apartment. If you break the ban StarApart may impose a penalty of 500 PLN for the costs associated with removing smoke odor.
  12. It is forbidden to organize disruptive parties in the Apartment that would be annoying for neighbors. Guests are required to respect the quiet hours from 10:00 p.m. ­ 7:00 a.m.. In case of breaking these rules or intervention of the Security or Police StarApart may impose a penalty fine of 500 PLN terminate the contract immediately without refund previously filed charges.
  13. StarApart is not responsible for Guest’s belongings left in the Apartment. Any items left behind after the departure of the Customer will be notified to collect within 7 days. After 7 days StarApart will not store the Guest’s belongings.
  14. Number of Guests who stay in the Apartment is limited to the number reported in the Booking Confirmation. If the number exceeds that number StarApart may require additional charges, in case when the number of Guests in the Apartment is over­limited StarApart may refuse to check in with immediate effect without any refund of charges brought previously.
  15. StarApart reserves the right to charge the Guest a deposit in the amount indicated in the Pre-­Booking Confirmation, which will be refunded upon departure if the Apartment is be returned free of damage and the Rules & Regulations are not broken.

V StarApart Responsibility

  1. In the event of unforeseeable circumstances which effects cannot be eliminated by common means, the StarApart reserves the right to offer substitute Apartment, at the same standard or higher, similar to the Apartment referred to in the Booking Confirmation. In case of the absence of available substitute Apartments StarApart can cancel the booking and refund all filed charges.
  2. In case of extreme circumstances beyond the control of any of the parties, natural disasters, strikes, acts of war or other situations that prevent the implementation of services under the contract, StarApart is exempt from liability.

VI Personal Data

  1. >Making the booking on www.star­apart.com, the Guest gives his/her consent for entering his/her personal data in the StarApart database involved in the booking process. The data shall be processed only for booking purposes, for facilitating any successive booking and for marketing purposes in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29.08.1997. The Guest has right to access and update his/her personal data.
  2. The Guest has the right to inspect their personal data and its updating.